Kris Wiechmann The Heaviest Tenderness


SubCat Records Recording Artist

Chuck: Guitar, Vocals
Heather: Cello, Vocals
George: Pedal Steel, Vocals
John: Double Bass

The Quatro is a brand-new sound that exists somewhere between the deserts of New Mexico and the rings of Saturn. It’s exotic and unlikely yet familiar. It is beautiful yet haunting. Chuck Schiele writes songs about God, sex, politics and uses alternate-tunings to arrange them… rock, Americana, with an emphasis on whatever. As a guitarist his approach drives the group’s energy while also behaving as a percussive instrument. As a vocalist his voice is weathered and textured while uniquely stylized.

Heather Kubacki is the dynamite voice behind the dynamite smile, also playing cello. A hallmark feature of the group is their effortless and ambitious approach to vocal harmony. Add the otherworldly pedal steel of George Newton; and the double bass virtuosity of John Dancks —and the mix becomes less of a set of music and more of a ride.

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Kris Wiechmann The Heaviest Tenderness