Freelance Engineering

Freelance Engineering
SubCat Studios was built with the freelance engineer in mind. With our wide variety of outboard gear and pre-amps, intuitive patch bay, and robust selection of microphones, you’re certain to find your desired sound. We have the ability to patch-in any additional outboard gear, so you can bring your favorite equipment from home, too.

As a freelancer, you can rent out the studio for your own recording sessions. Whether you’d like to track using our world-class rooms, microphones, and pre-amps, produce using our comfortable studios and fantastic selection of outboard gear, or see a record fully to its completion here, the price is up to you.

For more information and to discuss the possibility of freelancing at SubCat, please contact us, e-mail, or call 315.478.0684.

SubCat Internships and Careers


We love working with eager young-learners. If you’re looking to learn more about audio engineering, production, or music business, SubCat is a great place to start!

Our ideal intern is passionate about music and production, has great communication and teamwork skills, and is excited to learn every day. Our interns come in all ages — from high school and college, to older individuals interested in a new career.

We also accept applications from students studying business and/or marketing, with an interest in working in the music or film industries.

Sound good? Then here are the next steps:

  1. SubCat-Intern-Handbook.
  2. Intern Application.

Next upload the following in our online form:

Upload Files Here


  1. Resume
  2. A copy of your transcript


  1. A cover letter
  2. At Least one professional reference
  3. A sample of your audio work

Be sure your application is complete with at least all of the required files listed above.  If everything meets our criteria, we will contact you for a face to face interview. If you’re accepted for an intern position, you will then need to sign SubCat’s Learning Agreement Form.

Questions?  Call us at 315-478-0684 or email the Studio Manager, TJ, at

Currently accepting interns for the Summer 2021, Fall 2021 semesters, and Winter 2022.

Deadlines for applications:

  • Summer 4/9/21
  • Fall 7/30/21
  • Winter 11/24/21