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Professional Audio Recording Rates & Booking

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Studio A SubCat Studios Syracuse NYStudio A SubCat Studios Syracuse NY

Studio A

Studio A – $70/hr

Studio A 5-Hour Block – $300

Studio A Full-Day Lockout (9 hours) – $500/day

Studio B

Studio B – $60/hr

Studio B 5-Hour Block – $275

Studio B Full-Day Lockout (9 hours) – $450/day

Studio C Control Room at SubCat Studios

Studio C

Studio C – $45/hr

Studio C 5-Hour Block Discount – $200

Studio C Full-Day Lockout (9 hours) – $350/day

Professional Video Production Rates

Call for more information on the below services. 

Studio C Control Room at SubCat Studios

Post Production Audio

Voice-Overs, Skype Session, Phone Patch – $85/hr

Source Connect, ADR – $100/hr


Studio C Control Room at SubCat Studios

In-Studio Video

In-Studio Video Shoot – $50/hr

Teleprompter Operation – $35/hr

Video editing – $50/hr
* (For music videos or larger projects contact for quote)

Live Remote Recording Services

On Location

On-Location Audio Recording – $300

On-Location Video Shoot – $75/hr

On-Location Teleprompter Operation – $50/hr


SubCat Drone Video Shoots

Post production video

Inquire for Rates

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Please call 315-478-0684 or e-mail at

Gift Certificates Available

Please call 315-478-0684 or e-mail at

Instrument Rental Fee – $30/day

Piano Tuning – $100

Source Connect SubCat Studios

Terms & Conditions

* These rates are only an estimate and are subject to change. *

* Prices include a SubCat Engineer. *

* Instrument rental fee is per day and allows use of all instruments in the studio. *

* 50% deposit is required to book all sessions. *

* Two-hour minimum requirement for booking all sessions. *

* Cancelations: Sessions must be cancelled 48 hours before the session, or 72 hours before if it is a lockout. If not, your deposit will be forfeited. *



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