Tour of Our Studios

Live Room

Our live room was built for sound. It’s the biggest of all our recording spaces at SubCat, and was designed to have clean, open reverberance. Its ‘live’ sound adds character to our recordings in a way that can’t be reproduced with any number of plug-ins.

The live room is large enough to record an entire 5 piece band at once, and is an ideal size for big drum sounds (20’x20′ with 10′ ceiling height). It comfortably houses string ensembles, choirs, and horn sections.

The live room houses our Yamaha C7 Grand Piano, which provides tremendous versatility across all genres of music. It sounds great for jazz, pop, rock, classical, blues, and solo performance. 

Tracking Room

The tracking room was designed for a tighter, focused sound. Measuring 19’x11′ with 10′ ceiling height, this room is ideal for recording electric guitar, acoustic guitar, vocals, or dry sounding drums. This room is home to our 1958 Hammond B3 and Leslie cabinet.

A big part of SubCat’s design process was to make sure that each room has great visibility to the control room and to the adjacent recording rooms. Visual communication is important when recording in separate rooms, and our space was designed specifically with that in mind. We can have three separate rooms of musicians all playing with each other simultaneously and with full isolation.

Control Room

Our flagship control room celebrates the best of both analog and digital technology. Studio A is centered around an Avid ICON D-Command Console. The unique patchbay setup lets us record directly through our favorite analog equipment, while still giving us the ability to utilize the freedoms of a Pro Tools interface.

Studio A is fully integrated with classic analog gear — Neve, Avalon, Summit, Universal Audio, Ampex — the list goes on. Our preamps let us capture sound in its purest form, and we are constantly looking for new equipment and exploring new techniques.

In terms of mixing gear, API and Manley EQ’s are racked up next to some of the most legendary compressors ever made: LA-2A’s, SSL Buss Compressor, 1176’s, and Distressors. Check out our gear page for a complete listing.

The listening environment in Studio A is comfortable and warm. We currently use Genelec 1031A’s for nearfield monitoring and ATC 100’s for mains. The room provides enough room for the band to stretch out, relax, and listen while we work.

If you’d like to see our space in person, contact us to setup a tour. We’d love to meet you and talk about your next project.

Studio B

Studio B Control Room at SubCat Studios

Tracking Room

Our B Tracking room offers a dense and dry recording space which features wooden and padded walls. It measures 12’x14′ with a 10′ ceiling height.

The B Tracking Room sounds similar to the Studio A ISO booth but provides a larger space for tracking. This room is ideal for recording voice-overs, vocals, or anything that requires a sonically tight space.

Control Room

Our B Control Room is similar to the A Control Room, but with a more tight-knit vibe and a slightly different selection of gear. Featuring Yamaha NS-10 monitors and Focal Twin 6 Be’s, this control room has all you need to get great work done.

This room is set up perfectly for vocal recording thanks to all the classic channel strips in the rack. This studio features an Avalon 737,  Neve 1073 and a Universal Audio 6176. There is also a Distressor, Manley Vari-Mu and the legendary GML 8200 EQ.

Studio B is commonly home to voice-overs, ADR, instrumental, and vocal sessions.

Studio B also comes equipped with phone patching capabilities for clients who need to communicate with producers or corporate partners mid-session.

Studio B Tracking Room
Studio B Tracking Room

The Lounge

Long Session? No worries!

Located in our basement, near Studio C, is our dedicated Lounge.

It offers a comfortable space to relax between sessions, have a bite to eat, enjoy some coffee, and chill out before getting back to work.




Whether it’s your first or hundredth time in the studio, the SubCat team is here to help. Click below to book with us today!