SubCat Internships and Careers

Education is in our DNA.

For 25 years, Owner Ron Keck taught the best and brightest percussion musicians in Central New York, gaining a reputation as one of the region’s premier instructors. Ron’s love for education is clearly demonstrated in SubCat’s partnership with schools throughout the region.

School District Partnership

  • Studio and Virtual Tours
  • Introductory Audio Engineering Lessons
  • Introductory Video Production Lessons

School Field Trips

  • Science of Audio Production
  • History of Audio production
  • Science of Sound
  • Studio Etiquette
  • Graphic Arts / Video Process
  • Management
  • Psychology of Audio Production

Music Development

  • Professional Development
  • Internship
  • Band and Music Projects

Virtual School Concerts

How do you hold a band concert or a graduation concert during a pandemic?  Watch how SubCat recorded students and teacher for two in-studio performances, then compiled, edited and mixed the songs for a concert that is still getting rave reviews.

Start producing your next project with us!

SubCat Studios is here to help you achieve excellence through our world-class studios and the knowledge of our expert staff and partnerships. From major recording artists to blockbuster film and tv production crews to first-time recording artists on a budget SubCat Studios is here to help.