SubCat Internships and Careers

Education is in our DNA.

For 25 years, Owner Ron Keck taught the best and brightest percussion musicians in Central New York, gaining a reputation as one of the region’s premier instructors. Ron’s love for education is clearly demonstrated in SubCat’s partnership with schools throughout the region.

School Field Trips

  • Science of Audio Production
  • History of Audio production
  • Science of Sound
  • Studio Etiquette
  • Graphic Arts / Video Process
  • Management
  • Psychology of Audio Production

School District Partnership

  • Studio and Virtual Tours
  • Introductory Audio Engineering Lessons
  • Introductory Video Production Lessons

Music Development

  • Professional Development
  • Audio Engineering Internship
  • Band and Music Projects

Virtual School Concerts

How do you hold a band concert or a graduation concert during a pandemic?  Watch how SubCat recorded students and teacher for two in-studio performances, then compiled, edited and mixed the songs for a concert that is still getting rave reviews.



Whether it’s your first or hundredth time in the studio, the SubCat team is here to help. Click below to book with us today!