Kevin Giordano

Kevin Giordano

SubCat Records Recording Artist , Composer, Conductor, & Teacher

Kevin Giordano is a musical performer, composer, conductor and teacher of many styles including rock, pop, jazz, classical, bluegrass, country, and Broadway musicals. His undergrad and graduate degrees are in violin performance along with jazz guitar studies. He has performed around the United States and Canada with various symphony orchestras and jazz and rock ensembles. Kevin’s projects with Subcat include a tribute song to Queen and Freddie Mercury “God Save the Queen,” and a full-length album honoring his late brother titled MarkKevin.

“The state of the art facilities at Subcat are second to none providing you with an amazing environment for creating, recording, and producing.  I’ve been to a few other professional recording studios and I’m always amazed how advanced Subcat remains in comparison to almost everywhere else in the area and easily statewide.  Most artists or producers that come to the facility for the first time are overwhelmed by the offerings there.  With a great and talented staff, Subcat produces a quality product and continues to improve on a yearly basis.”
– Kevin Giordano

Kevin Giordano‘s Latest Album

God Save The Queen Kevin Michael Giordano