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Camera, Lens & Lighting Rentals 

SubCat Studios has partnered with Expressway Cinema Rentals to bring a new camera checkout facility to Syracuse. Expressway’s new location in SubCat Studios, will provide Central New York with convenient access to Expressway’s innovative camera, lens and lighting inventory as well as their expert support staff.  Expressway cares about the quality of your work and is excited to be a part of the team!

Office is currently available by appointment only.
Contact Expressway for information and rental requests
Rental Office:  585-622-0684

Expressway Cinema Rentals is Upstate New York’s premium camera support and service provider. Expressway was founded in 2010 on the principles of creating access to professional resources, building better infrastructure, and enabling creativity. As experienced members of the film industry, our rental agents and techs know what it takes to be an asset to your production and we look forward to working with you in Syracuse.


Cameras, Super 35, Full Frame, Mirrorless, Camera support, Follow Focus, Matte Boxes, Filters, Monitors, Wireless and Remote Video, Heads and Tripods, Batteries and Power, Sound Equipment, Teleprompter



Primes Lenses, Zooms Lenses, Lens Support, Lens Adapters



DSLRs, Mirrorless, Tripods, Modifiers, Flashes and Strobes


Camera Motion

Fisher & Chapman Dollies, Ronin & Movi Camera Stabilization, Jibs, Sliders, Motion Control, Robotics, Track, and Accessories



HMI, LED, Plasma, Tungsten, Electrical Distribution, Stingers, Dimmers, Light Stands, Generators, Fog & Haze, Batteries, DMX 


Rigging, Carts, Clamps, Car Rigging, Mirror & Reflector, Frames and Rags, Flags, Grip Stands, Boxes and Bags, Ladders, Backdrops



Batteries, Camera Supplies, Tapes (Rolls), Foam and Card Stock, Art and FX, Electrical Supplies, Gels, Walkie Talkie Accessories, Grip Expendables, Fabrics, Ropes, Lantern Locks and China Balls, Office Supplies, Seamless paper, Safety, PPW & Disinfectants



Walkies, Tables and Chairs, Tents and Sides, Heaters and fans, Coolers, Brooms, Cones, & Cans, Tarps, Set Safety and Misc…



1 Ton Van, 3 Ton Truck, 5 Ton Truck, 10 Ton Truck

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