Learn the fundamentals of music recording in a world-class studio with Joe Sears at SubCat Studios in Central New York.

Pro Audio with Jeff Sears

Joe Sears Avid Certified Instructor

For over 25 years, Joe has been the man behind hundreds of TV & radio commercials and film soundtracks. ​​​​​He is also a songwriter and singer.

Music producer, audio engineer, and Certified Avid Expert Pro Tools Instructor… Joe has been active in the audio engineering community and has given back through AES and other associations.

Joe has trained countless audio engineers in software techniques, various plug-ins, as well as modern recording methods in both analog and digital formats.

Topics We Will Cover:


  • Fundamentals of Sound
  • Digital Recording
  • Microphones
  • Signal Flow
  • Managing a Session
  • Mixing Basics
  • Recording Instruments
  • MIDI Basics
  • Defining “Mastering”

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